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How long does alimony last after a Florida divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Divorce

You have been financially dependent on your spouse for the last few years of your marriage, the idea of separating can be very intimidating. After all, you don’t have a career to support yourself with currently and may not have many assets held solely in your name.

Financial dependence is a common reason that people stay in unhappy and unhealthy marriages. The good news is that Florida law does permit dependent spouses to request alimony. If you receive regular alimony payments, it may be easier for you to rent your own place or go back to school so that you can finish your degree and restart your career.

How long can you count on alimony lasting after a divorce?

Different kinds of alimony last for different amounts of time

The circumstances of your marriage and the reason you want alimony will influence how long the order persists. A judge might order lump-sum alimony for a spouse facing divorce while also battling a likely terminal illness. Only, spouses can receive temporary alimony during the divorce proceedings and shortly afterward. Some people refer to this as bridge-the-gap alimony. This would be an option if the dependent spouse needs proceeds from property sales or asset division to support themselves.

Rehabilitative alimony might last for several years while someone pursues an education or starts of entry-level job. The spouse asking for support will need to propose a timeline and work to become self-sufficient. Permanent alimony is uncommon and is often the result of a long-term marriage combined with a spouse who truly cannot support themselves for some reason.

Ideally, the goal of alimony is to help one spouse become independent again, although it can serve as a form of support for someone truly incapable of providing for themselves. The two most important factors that a judge must consider when deciding how much alimony is appropriate and how long it should last are the need of the spouse requesting the alimony of the ability of the other spouse to make alimony payments.

When you understand what kind of support you can count on as your divorce progresses, you may feel less frightened of the prospect of ending your marriage. Learning about Florida divorce and alimony laws can give you the confidence you need to move on with your life.