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Navigating The Divorce Process Together

At The Law Office of Kenneth J. Louie, we understand how emotionally draining the divorce process can be. Our attorney has worked with clients throughout Florida when they were unsure where else to turn. By retaining our services, you can rest assured that you will have a strong advocate in your corner. From beginning to end, your best interests will remain at the forefront.

Finding Solutions You Can Be Comfortable With

Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side during these challenging times is extremely beneficial. There are many difficult decisions that must be made, and it can be hard to think logically. Attorney Louie will listen to your concerns and examine your situation. He then can provide you with honest feedback and potential solutions. From dividing your assets to determining visitation schedules, he will do everything he can to fight for the best possible solution.

While divorce is never easy, being able to amicably communicate about these issues can be tremendously beneficial. Mediation is a wonderful option for couples who are looking to separate but are open to negotiating the terms of their divorce. This often speeds the process up and can be more cost-effective. Many people fear that they will have to give up things that are important to them, but that’s not true. As your representation, we will still prioritize your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Plantation, Florida

Whether you are fast approaching a divorce or just gathering information, you may have a lot of questions. Here are some that we hear in our Plantation office most often:

What common mistakes do people make when filing for a divorce?

Divorce is an emotionally charged experience, but you cannot let your emotions dictate your decisions. It’s critically important to make reasoned, strategic decisions about assets, debts, support and custody.

It is also a mistake to move straight to litigation without first trying to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement with your spouse since litigation is automatically more contentious, time-consuming and costly than an uncontested divorce.

Finally, it’s always a mistake not to consult an attorney as early as possible since that is the best way to understand your rights and your options.

What are the best ways to prepare for a divorce in Florida?

Prepping for a divorce involves several practical steps to ensure that you’re ready to navigate the process effectively. First, gather your financial documents. This includes tax returns, bank statements, investment accounts, mortgage documents, retirement account statements and any other relevant records. You also need a list of all marital assets and liabilities, including credit card debts, student loans and mortgages.

Then, consider your priorities and goals. Consider what matters the most to you in terms of child custody, parenting plans, financial support, property division and debt division. Be prepared to negotiate and make compromises, but having clear goals can help guide your decisions.

What type of divorce should I get in Florida?

Florida recognizes three versions of divorce:

  • Simplified dissolution of marriage: This is only available if you have no children from the marriage and you and your spouse agree on all aspects of the divorce.
  • Uncontested divorce: This is similar to a simplified dissolution, but it may involve custody issues. To qualify, both parties must agree on all aspects of the divorce, including issues of support, the division of assets and debts, and custody.
  • Contested divorce: If you and your spouse are unable to agree on any issues, this is the route you will have to take. This involves litigation.

At The Law Office of Kenneth J. Louie, we can guide you through every aspect of the process and represent your interests from the start of the journey.

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